Comic | 2019

A personal project featuring 2 comics.

The Squash | Comic | 2019

The Fisherman and His Wife | Comic | 2019

In the Filipino, “mestiza” (alternatively the masculine form“mestizo”) are people of mixed Filipino and foreign ancestry. As someone who ishalf Filipina and half German myself, I thought doing a project regarding myheritage and their possible cross-cultural ties might be quite eye-opening! Andas a project is inherently a mix of Filipino and foreign ancestry, in this caseGerman, I felt the title Mestiza would be very fitting.

These comics compare and contrast the literary elements of theFilipino Folktale “The [White] Squash” and the German folktale “The Fishermanand His Wife.” Both stories touch on ideas of human greed making them goodstories to analyze simultaneously, specifically with regards to cultural valueswhen it comes to kindness, being taken for granted, greed, and punishment.

Since the message and plot points of each story were rathersimple, I decided to make them “silent” comics, i.e. a comic without words, andrely solely on visual storytelling.

Here is some process work and other creative avenues I’ve explored for this project:

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