Red Riding Hood 


This particular project revolved around reimagining the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood. This spin on the story recasts Little Red Riding Hood as Red, a mysterious cloaked figure who comes from a long line of monster hunters. 

CharacterConcepts - The Wolf, Red, & Gran

Red - A mysterious monsterhunter that travels alone in search of monster bounties. Red dons a fiery redhooded cloak, enchanted with fire magic for her protection. Underneath shewears a shoulder guard on the side where her quiver rests, a belt/thigh holsterfor a silver dagger, leather gloves and knee-high leather boots. 

Originally, Red was designed to look a bit more modern and Iplanned on giving her a red rain jacket to fit a more urban setting.Eventually, my art direction changed from contemporary fantasy to historicalfantasy - something more rooted in folk elements and aesthetics. 

The Wolf - Awerewolf with an imposing figure, and well-known as a local terror. 

Gran - Red’s grandmother andan ex-monster hunter. She may not look like much now, with her short statureand seemingly frail body, but she is a force to be reckoned with even in herold age. A well-seasoned swordswoman and magic wielder, Gran has trained Red inthe ways of monster hunting since she was youngling. 

PropConcepts - Silver Bow & Arrow 

Red’s main hunting tool and prized possession. The silvermaterial makes the weapon good against creatures of the night who are weak tosilver. The bow itself can be used as a weapon on its own as well: the archabove the bow’s grip protects Red’s hand but also has the ability to slice withits razor-sharp edge. Though the bow is made of silver, it’s made flexibleenough to be efficient in its job through magical enchantment. As well, thesegments of negative space within the bow act as both ornamentation and meansof making the bow lighter.

SettingConcept - Gran’s House 

A cozy little living space with just enough room for one, andperhaps a guest. Gran’s house is very much lived-in and well-loved. 

The space is fitted with:

  • A double bed low to the ground and well suited for Gran
  • A low table for eating and working with cushions for sitting 
  • A spacious bathtub with a bath-stool and washbasin 
  • A fireplace
  • A mirror and curtained changing space
  • Adequate storage and shelving space for books, candles, mugs, knickknacks, etc.
  • Lots of windows

Process Work:

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